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Covid-19 Notice

In accordance with UK government directives, we have up-scaled our hygiene procedures at iinouiio and will continue shipping whilst safe to do so.

For orders outside the UK and Europe (until further notice), please email us at with your order and address / delivery details. We will reply with a shipping cost within 48 hours. All product prices remain as displayed on our website shop.

Thanks for your patience and especially your interest in iinouiio. Keep safe: from all at iinouiio

Laying a blend

11.03.2020 Blog
Laying a blend

‘Laying a blend’ refers to an old industrial technique of preparing raw post and pre-consumer textile wastes before recycling (shredding or ‘pulling’) back to fibres or a semi-fibrous state. Different ingredients were layered in a block (or blend) on a workshop floor (think: making a trifle) to achieve the best mix for shade and quality before pulling out armfuls from tonnes of material in the ‘same’ ratio of ingredients by hand (like cutting a cake) and feeding it through a recycling machine (rag grinder). Getting the blend ‘right’ at this stage was crucial to its ‘reincarnation’ when ‘carded’ (think: ‘combed’) and spun back into a yarn. Getting it ‘wrong’ usually meant trouble all the way to cloth and into finished garments. Similarly, creating the textiles that iinouiio offer on this website involved design decisions based upon a ratio of ingredients, production methods that ensure responsible production, ensure high quality and offer competitive prices.

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