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iinouiio Recycled Textiles. 

iinouiio specialise in taking post-consumer and manufactures waste and convert it into a range of fibres, yarns and fabrics. Our aim is to demonstrate and promote responsible textile materials and methods with the aim to breathe new life into discarded textiles.

iinouiio is an acronym for It Is Never Over Until It Is Over, and is pronounced ‘in-oo-e-o’. The company was founded by John Parkinson who has a rich history in the Shoddy and Mungo industry and uses his knowledge to educate the industry on recycled textiles.

We are currently installing the first wool and luxury fibre recycling line at Camira Yarns, Huddersfield. The mill will see the repurposing process of textiles into a selection of products including yarn and cloth. This will be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom since 2000 and highlights an important step towards circularity within the industry.

The instalment was made possible by BFTT (The UAL Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology) who awarded iinouiio with Research and Development funding. BFTT are committed to developing sustainable innovation within the textile industry and iinouiio are thrilled to be working with an incredible team providing academic expertise and strategic business support.

iinouiio: recycling our past; creating a future...

We aim to maintain the heritage of skills and knowledge through iinouiio. The products we offer are made using traditional Yorkshire wool recycling techniques to provide truly authentic and unique materials.

Co-founder- John Parkinson

Our Story and passion: a family recycling wool in Yorkshire since 1970.