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Supporting small and local businesses

16.03.2022 Blog
Supporting small and local businesses

Why should we buy from small and local businesses?

Having a small independent business is no easy task, it takes a lot of dedication, extra hours and passion that should be appreciated and celebrated. This is why is it so important to support and buy from small businesses.  

The owners and team behind the business have such passion for what they do! They aim to make your experience the best they possibly can while sharing their story and journey with you. When you purchase from them, extra effort put into each package making it a unique and personal experience. Customer service is at a higher standard for small independent business, putting the customer first, ensuring you have had the best possible service. 
Many businesses add their own touch to the parcels whether that be a personalised note, personalised packaging or preparing the parcel by hand! Thought is put into every part of the business.  
Buying from a small local business not only means the world to the owners, but helps to support your local community. Celebrating skills, heritage and local businesses is important to educate the next local generation and help support the growth of your community. 

Here at iinouiio, the whole team (particularly John) put many hours into making sure that we are producing products that our community will love while making a difference within sustainability. The team have passion for sustainability but also for customer service. We value every purchase and aspire to meet each question or enquiry with passion and enthusiasm to share our story. 

During covid, we saw a shift in consumer habits, with customers wanting to buy from small local businesses at a time where they needed a lifeline and where many wanted to support their local community. We hope that this will continue to grow, helping businesses and communities’ flourish!  
Do you know of a small, local, or independent business that goes the extra mile for their customers? 



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