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Celebrating Female Artists and Designers

09.03.2022 Blog
Celebrating Female Artists and Designers

Yesterday was International Women’s day 2022 so we are celebrating female artists and designers!

Yesterday was International Women’s day and we celebrated the wonderful women who are part of the iinouiio team or have contributed, making iinouiio the company we are today!

This week we are celebrating the wonderful work of female creatives. We look at past creatives whose work are still used to inspire future creatives as well as current artists and designers, leading the way in a contemporary fashion and textiles industry and our iinouiio ‘alumni’.


The iinouiio Team

Our previous interns Emma and Joanna are now well into the final year of their degrees. Emma’s current university project uses our By the Fire, Bedtime in Batley and Daybreak in Dewsbury yarns. Her previous work, inspired by landscapes and using recycled yarns, won a company award from The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters! Joanna’s current final year project uses pre-loved knitwear items. We are thrilled to see how well both are doing and look forward to seeing their final outcomes.

Alice Timmis is our project lead for the BFTT project in research and development. Alice is working hard behind the scenes while also running her award-winning textile practice, creating beautiful woven and embroidered fabrics, and technical advice for a wide clientele. Kate and Veronika also joined us for the BFTT research and development project as well as Ashleigh and Liv from BFTT!

Laura is our current placement intern. She works behind the scenes and will often be the person you chat to when you message us! Laura is passionate about circularity within the industry and is inspired by heritage textiles lookig at how we can preserve textile and craft heritage skills. We also had Melissa, a previous placement intern, who studies Fashion with Digital Technology at university.

What a wonderful team we have here!


As well as creatives from iinouiio, we are always inspired by artists and designers, past and present.

Anni Albers – Known for her weaving, artist Anni Albers experimented with new materials and utilised natural materials to create bold abstract designs with structure as the source for design.

Lucienne Day - An influential British designer who developed abstract designs now known as ‘contemporary’ design. Her designs were ambitious and full of new potential while also creating more commercially viable designs to meet the consumers needs.

Georgia O’keeffe - Known for her paintings of flowers and landscapes that visualised her emotions through simplified shapes and colour.

Yayoi Kasuma - Famously known for her bold, eclectic sculptures, installations, art and fashion primarily using polka dots.

Shelia Hicks - Hicks creates experimental weavings and sculptural textiles. Her pieces tell stories of her life while incorporating natural materials in innovative ways.

Lenore Tawney - Tawney was an artist who created sculptural weavings, collages and drawings with a focus on using linen thread.

Ana Teresa Barboza - Using a wide range of textiles to create three-dimensional landscapes, Barboza uses  varied techniques to replicate the texture of each object. Starting with embroidery, the image flow off the base material combining stitch with crochet, knit and weave.

Katie Jones - A fairly new artist who founded her own crochet brand, bursting with colour, pattern and artisanal handmade pieces with a focus on sustainability.

Claire Anne O’Brien - O'Brien creates interior products which mimic the structures found in natural forms while highlighting the properties of the knitted structures.

Esna Sue – Using leather offcuts and deadstock material, Esna creates sculptural pieces moulded around cherished objects, encapsulating memories.

Sophie Steller Studio - A female founded business composed of designers and technicians who offer consultancy for knitwear design and product direction.


These are just a handful of female artists and designers who inspire us, and we look forward to seeing the next generation of creatives bring their own creativity into the industry inspired by current and past artists.




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