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Finding inspiration and overcoming a creative block

23.02.2022 Blog
Finding inspiration and overcoming a creative block

Creative blocks can provide the perfect time to reflect and look at our practice from a different angle and find inspiration.

Sometimes we all reach a point where we experience a creative block or struggle to find the right inspiration for the next project. It happens to all creatives and although it can be inconvenient, it provides the perfect time to reflect and look at our practice from a different angle.

To find inspiration, look back at past projects, what inspired you then, what was your motivation/end goal, what didn’t you like or what didn’t work? Learn from what you’ve done in the past and it may show you an area you would like to develop or highlight an area that maybe something you wouldn’t like to revisit. iinouiio began by looking back and developing the recycled textiles trade in new and contemporary ways, learning from the past to better our future. We understood what worked and what needed developing, without a break or the support of family, we may not have been the business we are today!

Look to others. Look at the work of other creatives, see what they’re creating, look and reflect on their work but remember not to copy! Seeing what other creatives are making may spark inspiration but remember that this has its limits. You may find inspiration but be careful not to replicate their work or compare your work to others. Be unique and always remember ever piece that you create is wonderful!


Creative block can happen for many reasons, the main reason is that you’re burnt out and need to step back and have a break. Taking some time to relax and reflect allows you to refresh your creativity and come back to your practice with new ideas, perspective, or determination.

Use your block to embrace ‘nothingness’! Give your mind chance to rewind, let it wander. It may lead to new and interesting thoughts that inspire you or give your mind some freedom from the pressure of the outside.

The most important was to ‘release’ inspiration (and possibly a challenge), it to let yourself be free of dear and judgment. As creatives we ay find ourselves thinking about what others think of our work, which can lead ta a fear of ‘getting it wrong’. There isn’t a correct way of doing anything in the creative field and ‘mistakes’ (developments as we like to call them) make the best creator. Embrace the creativity in doing what you want to do, learn from pieces that may not have worked as well as you would have liked, tell yourself it doesn’t matter what people think. Its your work, have fun with it!


If you have any other tips to overcome creative blocks and to find inspiration let us know, lets help and inspire each other!



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