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Sharing our story...

16.02.2022 Blog
Sharing our story...

We love to get involved in many projects, podcasts and educational events that help to share the heritage of the shoddy and mungo industry...

We strongly believe in sharing the heritage and story of the shoddy and mungo industry and are huge advocates for the arts in education. iinouiio is involved in many projects including podcasts and educational events that help to share the importance of recycled textiles and circularity in the industry.

Being involved in community events in the heavy woollen district of Yorkshire, where textiles recycling began, is very important to sharing our story with the local community and showing the importance of sourcing locally.

We have created a list on our ‘Other Sources’ page where you can find links to all the podcasts, event and presentations that we have been involved with to date. There are some amazing projects that we have been delighted to be part of and look forward to more in the future in Yorkshire and further afield! You can find links to each of the projects on our sources page.

Other Sources, History - iinouiio

We hope that getting involved in projects surrounding circular textiles and our innovation, will influence consumer choices and manufacturers methods for more responsible materials and design.


If there are any events that you think we should get involved in or you would like us to share, please get in touch!


For the 'History' Page - the First Shoddy mill

Image: The first shoddy mill




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