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'The Shoddy Factory' Outcomes!

02.02.2022 Blog
'The Shoddy Factory' Outcomes!

See the 'Shoddy Factory' workshop in action and the wonderful paper weaves created!

Last week the Shoddy Factory workshop in Dewsbury was in full swing. All participants created some fabulous paper weaves using scanned images of their favourite piece of textiles. Each paper weave has now been combined to create a community quilt for a permanent display in Kirklees College!

We provided raw materials, recycled fibre and finished products (pre-loved garments) to support the educational art event. We have loved seeing the community get creative while learning about shoddy. 

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The workshop in action:

Photocopying29th weaving

Badge making87E58119-8543-489F-8ACA-A152D2486530

Images above: Scanning textiles to cut and weave into the paper loom, badges were then made from participants looms and copies were displayed


Below is a glimpse of the final quilt that will be displayed in Kirklees collage throughout February!


See more of the workshop at:


We have loved to see the wonderful creations from those who took part and we look forward to seeing more educational arts events in Yorkshire that celebrate the history of textiles in the area.





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