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Wool Week 2021

13.10.2021 Blog
Wool Week 2021

Lets celebrate Wool!

Running from 4th October to 31st October, Wool Week celebrates the wide applications of wool and the properties that make it such a versatile, sustainable fibre.

Wool week is a collaboration of manufacturers, brands, retailers and designers across fashion, textiles and interiors to highlight wool products and the amazing properties of wool.

You may often hear the phrase ‘Choose Wool’, but some may wonder why? Here are just a few of the properties of wool, which make us say Choose Wool!

Wool properties:

-          Wool is a natural and renewable fibre

-          Wool absorbs UV radiation, meaning it is a great fibre to use for outdoor purposes

-          Wool has natural elasticity

-          Wool biodegrades meaning no wool waste goes to landfill and it enriches soil as it biodegrades. Wool can also be recycled, see our circular process illustration to find out more!


Do you have a product or item made from Wool that brings ou joy or makes you feel better?


Check out @campaignforwool on instagram and facebook for more updates about Wool within the fashion, textiles and interior industries.



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