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Hand Exercises for Crafters

01.09.2021 Blog
Hand Exercises for Crafters

Hand crafts can cause tension in your hands and body. Here are some tips to help ease your crafting experience! 

Hand crafts such as knitting, crochet and weaving can be strenuous on the hands. Although we may not realise the stress that our hands endure, it is important to care for them. We have put together a list of ways to make sure your body and hands are in perfect condition for your next (or current) project!


Firstly, posture. Sometimes we are so focussed on our craft that we are left unaware of our poor posture. Find a chair that gives you a better posture instead of ‘sinking’ into your seat.


If you’re self-taught it may be a good idea to research and find new techniques for holding your tools. Noticing bad habits can be hard, but they can do more harm than good for your hands. This goes for you pros too!!


Hand Stretches:

1.       Clench your fist and then open your fingers (Like you’re telling someone to stop). Repeat as needed.

2.       Extend your arms and make a fist, bend your wrist so your fist is facing the floor. Hold for 10 seconds then relax. Repeat as needed.

3.       Lay your hand face down on a flat surface. Bend your wrist to the side and hold for 3 seconds, repeat and alternate bending your wrist from left to right.

4.       Curl your fingers (do not clench), hold for 3 seconds. Uncurl your fingers, hold for 3 seconds. Repeat as necessary.

5.       Finger touch! Using your thumb as the main finger, touch each finger with the thumb on that hand and repeat.

6.       Imagine you’re playing the piano and wiggle your fingers

The above exercises will increase blood flow in the hand and can get rid of any tightness/knots in your hands.

Although these hand stretches are helpful, the best tip we recommend is rest! It can be hard to put down your craft often saying ‘just one more row’ but learning when its time to stop or take a break can be the best exercise.


Are there any stretches you recommend for fellow crafters?

We will be uploading a video onto our socials demonstrating these techniques for those of you who are visual learners! Keep an eye out!!




*Please note that this is not medical advice, if you are having issues with your hands or body due to craft or other reasons and need advice, please speak to a medical professional*

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