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Meet the Maker!!

26.08.2021 Blog
Meet the Maker!!

Meet the maker with Lucille of Collected Colours


This week we spoke to Lucille of Collected Colours about her work. Lucille creates beautiful knitted products using iinouiio wool and other wool types. Find out more about Lucille and her practice…


How did your journey to working with textiles start? 

"I have a Fine Arts background so creating and making is something I have always loved doing.  I have always knitted by hand but I’ve only been knitting on my vintage knitting machine for about 5 years.  I’ve managed to teach myself most of what I know along with a couple of online courses."


Do you have something specific that inspires your work/ where do you find your inspiration?

"Being outdoors be it gardening, hiking or camping is what I love and what I look forward to most.  I want to create beanies and jumpers that are sturdy enough to come along with me but I don’t want to be creating things that will be harming the environment in the process."


What types of fibres/ techniques do you like to work with and what is the reason you like them?

"I love using Recycled Wool and Shetland wool.  My machine has a fairisle punch card function that allows you to make your own patterns.  Early on I was in love with using as many different colours and patterns as possible, but lately I’ve been using a more restrained palette and a simple grid pattern."


Why did you choose to use our iinouiio yarn for some of your products? 

"I’ve been searching the internet for a very long time to find coned wool that is suitable for knitting machines and is also ethical.  A lot of the wool I was coming across had been treated to be machine washable which sounds great but the process is not at all friendly for the environment.  When I came across iinouiio last year I was pretty excited, I ordered just one cone to test it out and I pretty quickly ordered more as I was really pleased with how it knitted up.  The coned recycled wool is easy to work with on my knitting machine and quite strong.  The colours are beautiful and there are lovely little flecks of other colours mixed in.  I’ve also use it alongside Merino and Shetland yarn when doing multicolour work and they all work together very nicely."


How do you feel about sustainability within the textile industry and your own practice?

"Making a sustainable product is at the core or my practice.  Australia is the second largest consumer per capita of textiles behind the US and I would much rather be a part of the solutions than the problem.  It is very important to me to only be using materials that are minimising negative impacts on the environment as much as possible.  I love that recycled wool is helping divert textile waste from landfill and uses reduced amounts of water and energy and my customers value that too." 


Is there something you’d like to make that you haven’t made so far?

"I also love learning about all the things the knitting machine can do, every new technique I learn opens up new possibilities.   I’ve recently been trying my hand at tubular knitting and am hoping to improve my sock knitting skills very soon!"


How can we purchase your work? 

"It’s the end of the Tasmanian winter so jumpers and beanies about to be on hold for the moment but I’ll be launching my new sock collection just in time for spring.  

You can follow me at @CollectedColours on Instagram and find my work at"



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