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Magazine feature!

18.08.2021 Blog
Magazine feature!

We are featured in the Spring/Summer 2021 publication of the Sheep Breeder magazine!

Sheep Breeder magazine includes information and news about the UK sheep industry. ‘We play an important political role in promoting the industry across all three livestock sectors: sheep, beef and dairy…. And we work closely with all industry organisations, stakeholders and associates’ (Shepherd publishing Ltd. It’s a pleasure to be included in this publication!
Our feature covers the past, present and future of the ‘shoddy’ and ‘mungo’ trades, John’s family involvement in the industry and the brand we are today.
For those who may not be aware of the terms mentioned above, ‘Shoddy’ is the waste fibre from knitted fabric and ‘mungo’ is waste fibre from woven fabric. These phrases are the very core of our process here at iinouiio.
History and heritage is part of our ethos, therefore we love to share it any way we can. The path that led to iinouiio has a rich history that is explained in this article. You may see this quote often used by us, but it explains our process and story so well: ‘why bother to rake up the past? The answer is that there may be the explanation of he present and the guide to the future’ ~ (Burrows, A History of the Rag Trade, 1956)
If you would like to read our feature, you can grab a copy and subscribe on the Shepherd Publishing LTD website (see the link below). Alternatively, please contact us through our socials or email who can send our scanned images of the feature.

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