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Evergreen & iinouiio

07.07.2021 Blog
Evergreen & iinouiio

We were recently tagged in an Instagram post by @debrisdoodles about Evergreen being Iinouiio. She knew all about the fire at the old factory after doing some research and has apparently looked for us before when she found a ‘stash of their yarn in the loft from my uni days’!!! They described our comeback as a ‘fabulous fibrous Phoenix’, a reference to the comeback since the fire, and is so happy they found iinouiio for their yarn supplies. This was her story:

‘Back then in the early 1990s there were hardly any companies producing recycled yarn so #evergreen were seriously ahead if the curve! I still find it incredible that its taken this long for other companies to get with the program and recycled materials to become more mainstream...better late than never I guess!🌍🌍🌍

Being from the (Devon) coast environmental issues were a real concern to me so most of my degree was spent messing around with using all sorts of random materials to knit with (I studied Textiles @derbyuni specialising in knitwear) and my final show was a crazy sculptural costume made from cut up crimpline dresses knitted with seagrass on a double bed machine! (... will post photos one day when I find that in the loft!)
I was lucky enough to go to Finland for a month in my final year and work with Finnish industry, the Finnish textile uni in Haamenlinna and the fashion dept of Derby Uni and work on a collaborative project looking at recycled/eco fashion for activewear which they were way ahead on in Finland at the time. We had an awesome time... we saw how fleece was made from plastic bottles ...imagine that?.. yes that was totally radical then... and we saw a sweating mannequin oooer! Anyway I did a live design project for @saltrock_clothing back then and I think I got the evergreen #iinouiio yarn to try as a possible choice for some big surfwear knits! 🌊🌊🌊

I couldn't be happier to see this re-birth and wish them all the luck...the time for change is now!💚🧶🌍🧶 ‘


We love hearing stories like this and are glad to know that people recognise the work we do is to help the environment as well as producing usable wool!


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