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In accordance with UK government directives, we have up-scaled our hygiene procedures at iinouiio and will continue shipping whilst safe to do so.

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Why choose wool?

30.06.2021 Blog
Why choose wool?

‘Buy less, buy well, buy wool’- Vivienne Westwood

There are endless benefits to using wool, the main two being its sustainability and wide range of opportunities for innovation and development.

Many people are aware that wool is a renewable resource, but did you know that wool provides benefits for the eco system and wellbeing? Not only is wool biodegradable but it enriches soil. In terms of improving wellbeing, wool is thermo-regulating, has a good next-to-skin feel and has natural elasticity meaning it is so comfortable to wear!

Wool has recently gained a resurgence in popularity as more consumers are concerned with sustainable practices. Innovation within the textiles industry has resulted in wool fur, wool velvet and wool denim trousers, more sustainable than their original compositions. The possibilities of using wool within textiles is endless.

At iinouiio we believe that using what we already have is the best way to help our environment and eco system. We also believe that finding new uses for textiles is important for sustainability. Our reclaimed wool starts as a product and can be transformed into another by our creative customers. Have a look at the beautiful products our customers create using our wool on Instagram and Facebook!

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