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23.06.2021 Blog

On 22nd June 2021, we’re taking part of a discussion, ‘Circularity’.

The ex-head designer for Esprits pioneering Ecollection, Lynda Grose, is going to be talking with us about circularity at the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion (UCRF). UCRF carry out research, write and campaign in the quest for a cleaner textiles/ fashion industry. It’s an exciting opportunity and we will remind everyone when it is closer to the time so you can be as excited as us!!

For more information on Lynda Grose, she is one of the founders of The Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion, along with Kate Fletcher, Timo Rissanen, and Mathilda Tham. You can click the link to learn more about this:


Below is an abstract taken from their website that is so similar to what we experience and seems as though we wrote it!! Give it a read-


“The April day is gorgeous, there is a clear sky and there is a small warmth in the sun – an amount that seems surprising given I am in the high ground of the north of England. As I follow a contour through a field with sheep and thistles, the call of curlews bounce off the hills and the ceiling of the sky. The curlews are on the wing, in pairs, their large, speckled brown bodies moving, loose and easy. Against the sky, I can pick them out but with the land as backdrop, they disappear, their camouflage complete. It is a feat, like the flick of a switch. Seen. Unseen. As I climb over a pass, a single curlew calls out and then flies up in a tussle with a crow. The curlew chases the crow and her white chest flashes as she dives and swoops on it, mobbing it, like she is a hawk. Two birds in one: languid brown wader and white dart. Both parts of her live in this stony, coarse reed, grass-tussocky valley. The land is rich in life but it’s not prototypically pretty, easily overlooked if postcards are your business. KF”

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