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World Environment Day and World Oceans Day!!

09.06.2021 Blog
World Environment Day and World Oceans Day!!

On Saturday 5th June, it was World Environment Day and on Tuesday 8th June, it was World Oceans Day. These days encourage ‘awareness and action’ towards protecting and respecting the environment and the oceans.

Through production, manufacturing, and transportation, greenhouse gases are used in large amounts for the millions of garments each year. This is not even including all the fashion that gets wasted and dumped. Fast fashion often uses cheap synthetic fibres, which emits N2O, 300 times more damaging than CO2. World Environment Day doesn’t just focus on fashion, it’s about the whole world and how we can save it!


Fibres in our everyday clothes impact our oceans and its marine life. When clothing gets washed, tiny microfibres, that don’t get caught by the filters, enter the water system and the food chain. World Oceans Day is a national day to make more people aware and show them the effects so they can help reduce the impact globally. 


Get involved and do some research of how you can do things to minimize your impact on our EARTH!

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