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11.03.2020 Blog
News Article

Welcome to iinouiio’s website, which offers a unique insight into their world of woollen textile recycling. Unbelievably, it’s a world kick-started by co-founder, John Parkinson, over thirty years ago under the trading name of ‘Evergreen’. He was a young, thrusting pioneer then and still is.....

Evergreen operated before the Internet and the social media explosions, so no chance of Parkinson sharing his knowledge and passion with the rest of you. Now he can, there’s no stopping him. Go to his website’s ‘About Us’ and ‘History’ pages to find out anything (and everything) you need to know.

Experienced textile people (and one-time former competitors of his) warned a re-energised Parky that, as the current infrastructure in Yorkshire had declined to such an extent, it wouldn’t be possible to manufacture textiles from recycled wool like he had back in the 1990’s. “And they were nearly right because it hasn’t been easy!” confesses Parkinson.

However, Spring 2020 sees iinouiio proudly launch its debut range of yarns for knitting and weaving, felting products, cloth, home furnishings and craft kits made from 80% post-consumer recycled wool.

iinouiio sourced all the raw materials from within a 25-mile radius of its base in West Yorkshire, sorted all the throw-away knitwear into eight shades and ensured even the colour was recycled, so no need for dyeing!

So, what’s Parkinson’s view? “I’m just so lucky to be working with textile wizards. It’s magical to see throw-away knitwear transformed into yarn and made ready to start another life. There’s so much potential for creative design and coordination across knitting weaving and felt – I’m so happy, this is a joy”

To contact John, he’s on and he welcomes your messages or enquiries.


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